The Actress

"Ms. Jewett's...performance was one of the most powerful and stunningly rendered soliloquys in recent memory."  -Jack Lyons, Theatre and Film Critic, Member of ATCA

Photo credit: Clark Dugger


The Singer

"Theresa  is the I-Can-Do-Everything gal....she finishes the evening with Bernstein's "Glitter and Be Gay," mashing together broadly humorous movements with seriously operatic chops on the vocals, even finishing the number several notes higher than Chenowith ever attempted!"     -                                           

Photo credit: Marc Glassman

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The Teacher

"The joy of singing is meant for everyone. It's my job and privilege to help my students unleash their most authentic sound with healthy technique, impactful delivery and discovery of artistic expression in every lesson- while having fun!"

 - Theresa Jewett

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