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"The joy of singing is meant for everyone. It's my job and privilege to help my students unleash their most authentic sound with healthy technique, impactful delivery and discovery of artistic expression in every lesson- while having fun!"

                                                                                                                                        -Theresa Jewett

Since opening her private voice studio in 2013, Theresa's students have included vocalists from all genres, all ages and all walks of life. While working as a private teacher, she was also selected as a Vocal Coach for Goldenvoices' Academy of Musical Performance for the launch of their first summer music camp in 2014.  Her students have included singers and actors from the Broadway stage to the Desert Rock music scene and beyond. As a working professional singer, Theresa is at the forefront of maintaining, teaching and practicing vocal health.

In Just A Few Lessons, You'll Be Able To:

Improve Vocal Technique

Better breath support, stamina and range.

Act the Song

Learn how to perform the song and connect with your audience.

Build Your Repertoire

Sing songs with ease from ALL genres.

Your first voice lesson is a FREE trial lesson to communicate what your goals are as a singer. Please reach out below to inquire further about Studio Policies, Pricing and Schedule.


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Theresa Jewett


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